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Manual Settings via dialog

Click on the icon to call the settings dialog.

[Note] Note

After changes, please restart PARTdataManager or Seamless.



  • Search template: Normally leave the setting Standard search.

  • Size-dependent: If the option Size-dependent is not activated, possibly high geometric similarities are shown, also at parts, which considerably differ in size.

  • Filter mirrored parts: If the option is activated, mirrored parts are filtered.

    Example: Mirrored parts

    Example: Mirrored parts

  • search in: Optionally, restrict the searched directories. (Default is search in all catalogs classifications.)

  • Search for: Search for parts and part families or only for parts. (Compare Section, “Display mode ”).

  • Minimum similarity

  • Maximum number of search results:

  • Close popup after: With the help of the arrow keys, set the desired number of seconds when the pop-up window shall close.

  • Open parts in

    • Seamless

    • PARTdataManager

    Depending on setting, results are loaded in PARTdataManager or Seamless. You can recognize the selection by respective button on the right in the LIVEsearch dialog.

    • LIVEsearch results are loaded in PARTdataManager.

    • LIVEsearch results are loaded in Seamless.

  • Automatically update best result in part compare:

    Using the Part comparison is advantageous since at model changes, immediately the best result part is displayed. In the Part comparison topological values can be seen in addition.[23]

    The blue part is theSearch part (part currently focused in CAD), the red one is the best part to compare.

    [Note] Note

    Once a part is loaded in the Part comparison, a dialog box with import options is opened.

    Import options for format ......

    Import options for format ......

    Normally the setting is just performed once-only. So activate the option Do not show the dialog for this format anymore afterwards.

    However, if you want to open the suppressed dialog anytime later, in the PARTdataManager, under Extras -> Preferences... -> Search menu -> tabbed page General, activate the option Show suppressed option dialogs again.

[23] You can move the window on another monitor.