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Manual Actions in the search result list

You can perform the following actions on the selected line via context menu or button:

  • Open

    The selected part is opened in the Seamless dialog box in the View tabbed page.

    You can find detailed information on this under Section, “Tabbed page "View" - Variables in List view or Table view | View | Technical details | 2D derivation | Links | Topology ”.

  • Add to part compare

    Select the desired part, which you want to display in the Part comparison and click Add to part compare.

    The Part comparison dialog box opens and the selected part is transferred.

    You can find detailed information on this under Section, “ Part comparison ”.

  • Compare to search-part:

    Search part and result part are both loaded into the part comparison.

    Mark the desired result part and click on Compare to search-part.

    The dialog box Part comparison is opened and the parts are transferred.

    Detailed information on this can be found under Section, “ Part comparison ”.

    Part comparison

    Part comparison

    [Note] Note

    If you want to load any further 3D files (in neutral format) (from your own disk or network) into the part comparison, then in the Tabular Compare section right-click on the context menu command Open 3D file.... ->The explorer window opens. Select the desired file.

    Open 3D file...

    Open 3D file...

  • Export to CAD

    The selected part is directly transferred into the CAD.