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6.11.  Publish catalog

You can publish catalogs directly form PARTproject.

Innovations in detail

  • The generation or the publishing can be launched via context menu command directly from PARTproject.

    Thus the manual uploading on the generation or publishing server is no longer required.

    On this see Section 6.11.2, “ Generate QA catalog... | Publish Live state... ”.

  • DEV state cancelled

  • Simplified catalog preparation

    Catalogs and projects which shall not be published don't have to be removed, but can simply be marked as "Not to publish".

    On this see Section 6.11.1, “Prepare catalog”.

  • Message window and messages

    The current state of a generation or publishing can be examined anytime.

    On this see Section 6.11.3, “Info dialogs: Messages... | Publication status | Publishing history | Log file ”.

  • Simplified error analysis

    The e-mail notification contains a log file with detailed generation/publication steps.

    On this see Section, “Log file”.

  • The publishing information is part of the SVN administration.

    When the state is set back to read only, then in the same course the publishing information is checked in automatically.

    For generation and publishing the whole state of changes is automatically checked into the SVN.

  • For each catalog generation/publishing Release Notes shall be inserted. These are also displayed in PARTdataManager (catalog context menu) and PARTadmin (category "Online catalog update" -> catalog context menu).