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Manual User interface and simple use case

This section explains the user interface at a glance and will show a simple use case, so that you can familiarize yourself with the functioning in principle.

User interface

The user interface is divided in following areas:

  • Directory structure on the left

    • Projects without icon do not need to be verified normally (nevertheless check value ranges carefully).

    • For projects with icon an automatic mapping could be performed, however, finally the assignments (or missing assignments) have to be confirmed ( or ).

  • The right side of the dialog box Edit ERP mapping is divided in an upper and lower half.

    • Upper half:

      Display of target projects (new version) with the possibility to add Conditions and/or Variable mapping

    • Lower half:

      Display of tables of old and new version

User interface at a glance

User interface at a glance

Exemplary use case

Initial situation: A project has be automatically assigned. As it contains relevant changes, in the ERP mapping dialog, it has been marked with the icon signalizing changes .

Check whether the table has changes. In this example the change of NB (standard name) is the only change. Only the string "Sechskantmutter" has been removed from NB. So all assignments can be confirmed.

Change of NB

Change of NB

Click on Verify all mappings .

-> In the tree the project is marked with a green checkmark. Furthermore all table rows get a green checkmark, too.

All assignments confirmed

All assignments confirmed

Details on the user interface can be found under Section, “User interface: Reference of icons and functions in detail”.

Detailed explanations on use cases can be found under Section, “The most important use cases ”.