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Manual Splitting of project with value range variable in two projects with fixed variable

The old project din_80705.prj with the value range variable DIN962THREAD has been split in 2 target projects din_80705_r.prj and din_80705_l.prj with a fixed variable DIN962THREADVIS.

In this case, depending of the selection on the left side (old project) different target projects have to be opened on the right side. For this create fitting Conditions for all needed target projects.

In this case an automatic assignment was possible only partly: The first target project has been recognized automatically, the second not. And no conditions have been created.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Test both value range values. When selecting Left-hand thread, on the right, the wrong target project is displayed.

    Wrong target project

    Wrong target project

  2. Click on Add condition and in the opened dialog Edit algorithm, enter the first formula for the project din_80705_r.prj.


    Add condition

    Add condition

  3. With a click on Add target project create the second target project.

    -> The dialog box Search or select project is opened. On the tabbed page Choose, select the desired target project.[71]

    Select target project

    Select target project

  4. Scroll down in order to see the second project.

    Click on Add condition and in the opened dialog box Edit algorithm, enter the second condition.


    Algorithm entered

    Algorithm entered

    [Note] Note

    When opening the value range field, in brackets behind the display value, you can see the internal value (which is the relevant).

    At mouseover a tooltip is displayed.

    Pay attention to the exact syntax. In this example, there is an empty space before "LH". If you are not quite sure, you can find the exact syntax in the Variable Manager, in the Attribute algorithm of the variable DIN962THREAD. Here, you have Copy & Paste available as well.

     DIN962THREAD=' LH'

  5. For testing, select a few different rows with both value range options. If on the right side, always the correct target project with correct value range value is displayed, everything is ok and you can click on Verify all mappings .

[71] For searching, the full-text search index has to be generated.