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6.11.2.  Generate QA catalog... | Publish Live state...

Special notes

  • The generation of the QA state before publishing is mandatory.

  • You can only generate 3 QA states per day and catalog.

  • You can only generate 1 Live state per day and catalog.

  • Publishing is possible as of QA level 5.

    If the QA level comes below 5, then the publishing marking automatically changes to "Not to publish" .

  • The generation is processed on the server specified in the configuration file under $CADENAS_SETUP/qasettings.cfg.

  • Beside the generation and publishing of complete catalogs partial generation and publishing on directory level is also possible.

    The same commands (Generate QA catalog... and Publish Live state...) are used as on catalog main level. However, special rights are required. If these rights are missing, then the respective commands are not displayed.

    When adding and partial publishing a directory please regard that the files dir.def and dir.prj of the superordinated directory are missing. Thereby adjustments, changes (translations for example) are possibly not been applied to the subdirectory or adjustments concerning the visibility of other directories.

    Before partial generation and publishing is possible, the complete catalog state has to be generated and published once.

    You can publish a number of subdirectories at the same time. Hereto mark the desired directories via Ctrl key.


  1. In the directory structure select the desired catalog. Now in the section Edit project the tab Release Notes is displayed.

    Here enter the Release Notes (at the latest before publishing or already when the QA state is generated).

    Detailed information on this is found under Section 5.9.21, “Tabbed page Release Notes ”.

  2. At the catalog directory click on the context menu command under Publication -> Generate QA catalog... or Publish to live.

    [Note] Note

    The commands are only active when you are logged in as PJ Coordinator, QA project manager or external worker + partial publisher, otherwise they are inactive.

    In order to be able to partially publish, the special right hereto has to be given by the administration.

    When the setting of Release Notes has been forgotten, then an error message is displayed. (Compare Section 6.11.5, “ Release Notes ”.)

    Confirm the message with Yes or No.

  3. -> Now the dialog box Generate catalog or Publish to live is displayed with important notes and setting options.

    • Only folders / projects are transferred, where the Set publication mark is active .

    • You can check the progress via context menu command Fetch publication status....

    • Show notifications for this catalog

      If you activate the option Show notifications for this catalog, at each status change of generation or publishing a popup window is opened and a note is displayed in the status bar.

      Message via popup window

      Message via popup window

      Message in the status bar

      Message in the status bar

      By clicking on the link or the icon the Messages dialog box opens.

    • Additionally send Email to:

      Enter one or a number of e-mail addresses separated by comma.

      All stated e-mail addresses receive a notification e-mail at status changes of the generation/publishing; after finished generation/publishing an e-mail with attached log file.

    Start the catalog generation with OK.

  4. -> The Generating catalog dialog box opens.

    You see the transfer protocol to the server.

    As soon as the transfer has finished "Ready! is displayed.

    The data was transferred to the server, that will execute the further publishing process. You can check the progress with “Fetch publication status”

    Information on the context menu command Fetch publication status... is found under Section, “ Publication status ”.

    When the transfer is finished, click on Close.

    If you discover an error during the generation, you don't have to wait until the generation is completed. Simply click on Cancel.