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6.10.4.  Case differentiation concerning project visibility in end media

A project's visibility does not only result from one single factor, but form the interaction of several.

In order to hide certain projects in end media there are different options:

  • Context menu command Hide project

    -> The font appears in red.

  • Context menu command Publication -> Remove publication mark

    -> The icon with gray globe is displayed.

With the help of following points the interaction shall be clarified.

  • Publication mark removed ()

    Projects with removed publication mark (display of gray globe ) are always hidden in end media (independently of their QA status). (This does not concern the local state; a setting on "hidden" just happens during the cip generation.)

    This especially applies for projects with QA status 1 to 4, because for these status the publication mark cannot be set at all (so display of gray globe ).

  • Project visible (black font) + publication mark set ()

  • Project hidden (red font) + publication mark set ()

    Hidden projects are always invisible in end media, even if the publication mark ( = green globe ) is set.

  • Projects in a hidden folder (red font)

  • Link projects

    Link projects are used, for example, in order to access with different table filters on one and the same original project. (Details on this can be found under Section, “ New link ” -> Restricted Display.) Here the original project is (mostly) hidden (red font).

    [Note] Note

    Link projects inherit the status of the publication mark by the original project.

    Example 1:

    Original project hidden (red font), link project visible (black font)

    Example 2:

    Original project (black font) in hidden folder (red font) (whereby it will also be hidden as a result), link project visible (black font)

    Example 3:

    Original project hidden (red font), link project not visible (although not hidden = black font), because its superordinated folder is hidden (red font)

    Example 4:

    Original project and link project not visible (although not hidden = black font), because their superordinated folders are hidden (red font)

[Note] Note

For a better understanding what will really appear in end media, it is also important to know further contexts in regard to publication and partial publication.

On this also see Section 6.10.5, “ Generate QA catalog... | Publish Live state... ” and Section 6.10.6, “Partial Publication ”.