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Manual  Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping...

If you want to initiate an ERP mapping (either before or after a SVN checkin), for this, under Publication, use the commands Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping....

[Note] Note

Editing should base on a current mapping. If you are not quite sure if the last mapping is up-to-date, before executing the command Edit ERP-Mapping... execute the command Add ERP-Mapping....

  1. Execute the context menu command Add ERP-Mapping....

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

  2. Click on Search, select a released catalog version (normally the latest) and confirm with OK.

    -> The dialog box Create ERP-mapping is opened.

    Close the dialog when ERP-Mapping added! is displayed.

  3. Execute context menu command Edit ERP-Mapping....

    -> Once there are a number of mappings the dialog box Select source version is displayed. Here, select the mapping to be edited and confirm with OK.

    The dialog box Select source version... is opened.

    [Note] Note

    Normally you should always use the latest version. Using older versions only makes sense for research purposes. Should you detect that there is an error in the current mapping, of course you can use the next error-free before.

  4. The dialog box Edit ERP mapping for source catalog from ... is opened. Compare above.