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6.10.6. Partial Publication

Beside publication of a complete catalog state also partial publication on the level of subdirectories is possible. (Nevertheless, preferred variant is a complete publication of the catalog.)

For partial publication, the following points have to be regarded in particular:

  • For partial publication, special right are required. If these rights are missing, the commands Generate QA catalog... and Fetch publication status... are not displayed on the level of subdirectories. For partial publication, the command Publish Live state... is basically NOT available.

  • The required commands are only available for the roles QA group leader, QA project leader, External Worker+Partial Publisher and Project Coordinator or if the specific right for partial publication is added.

    Dialog box "Select QA role"

    Dialog box "Select QA role"

  • Before it is possible to use the command Generate QA catalog..., one-time the complete catalog state has to be generated and published LIVE.

  • You can publish several subdirectories of a superordinated directory at once. For this mark the desired directories via Ctrl key.

  • When using partial publication you can select general files in addition. Check the desired ones.

    • copyright.prj

    • copyright.txt

    • copyright.png

    • categories.prj

    • dir.prj

    • dir.def

    • dir.pmf

    • catalog.bmp

    • catalog.png

    • mapping.json: The mapping file is checked by default.

    Dialog at partial publication

    Dialog at partial publication

  • The basic administration of the catalog state and the management of publications are completely separated (compare Fig. „SVN Server TRUNK and SVN Server Publishing BRANCH“).

    Once a new publication is initiated, a) in the "publishing" branch a copy of the complete catalog state is created with time stamp and b) after this all selected subfolders of the local state of the Publishing Manager are copied and overwrite already existing files of the same name.

    (In particular, be careful with combinations of partial publishing and links. In this case be aware that you are possibly publishing only projects from a subfolder "A", but in folder "B" there could be links to folder "A". That means, actually "B" is not changed/published, but then the links point to changed projects.)

    SVN Server TRUNK and SVN Server Publishing BRANCH

    SVN Server TRUNK and SVN Server Publishing BRANCH