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Manual Value range: Changed values

At project en_10253_3_ats.prj the values of the value range variable AUS have been changed.

Original values: 'S', 'nahtlose', 'W', 'geschweisste'

Changed values: 'N', 'nahtlose', 'G', 'geschweisste'

The following figure shows old and new values in the Variable Manager.

Perform following adjustments:

  1. Initial situation: When changing a value range value, there is no adjustment in the right table.

  2. Add a target variable by clicking on Target variable. In the list field select the variable AUS.

  3. Under Variable assignment, enter the following algorithm:

     AUS = 'N'
     AUS = 'G'

  4. Now when performing changes for the variable AUS, they are automatically displayed in the right table.

  5. If the behavior is correct, click on Verify all mappings.