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3.1.7.  Part view Determine characteristic in "Table" view Full-text search in table Show/hide variable groups Call Table settings Columns with value range fields Preview images adjustable in size Show preview images per line in Part view Show graphics in table Ascending/descending column sorting Adjust column width Show topology variables in table Filter table Filter table by search Filter table via input fields in column header Table filtered by Accessory part Use preferred rows filter Example: Using filters Parts that should be avoided DIN 962 option Hide columns Additional information /-functions Material selection Determine characteristic in "Vertical" view Value ranges Example: Quick restriction to desired values Determine characteristic in 3D view Docking window "Links" Geometric search in the background Docking window "Assembly" Docking window "3D view" 3D view Toolbar Determine Level of Detail Level of Detail - Selection Level of Detail - Different Schemes Level of Detail - Show configuration in CAD Measurement of 3D parts Measuring grid Show Dimensionings Change characteristic via dimension labels Define section cut... Part designation (Standard name [NB] / BOM name [LINA]) Docking window "Technical details" Docking window "Part information" Docking window "Topology information " Docking window "RFQ" (Request for Quotation)

In the Part selection, once double-clicking a project (for example part or assembly , the interface changes to Part view.

In the part view you can specify the characteristic of the part.

The user interface is organized with the help of docking windows. The following figure shows them at a glance.

Part view

Part view

  1. Table (the loaded part's standard name is displayed on the tab)

    There are two sub-dockings which represent two different modes to determine the characteristic.

  2. Links to similar objects (see Section, “ Docking window "Links" ”)

  3. Assembly / Bill of material (see Section, “ Docking window "Assembly" ”)

  4. 3D preview of the object (see Section, “ Docking window "3D view" ”)

  5. Technical details with dimensioning views (see Section, “ Docking window "Technical details" ”)

  6. Part information (see Section, “Docking window "Part information" ”)

  7. Topology information (see Section, “Docking window "Topology information "”)

Optionally, other dockings are displayed: