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Manual  3D view Toolbar

This section describes the individual buttons of the 3D toolbar in the 3D window in detail.

3D toolbar

3D toolbar



Shaded with edges

Zoom all

The display is adjusted in the center of the window.

Magnifying glass

The magnifying glass enables viewing parts in detail.

Magnifying glass on

Magnifying glass on

[Note] Note

The rules for the mouse function in the 3D window apply to the magnifying glass function as well.

For example when holding down the left and right mouse buttons you can move the magnifying glass over the part.

The mouse wheel zooms inside the magnifying glass.


The animation (rotate part) can be turned on/off.

[Note] Note

By clicking anywhere outside of the toolbar, the animation is also turned off.

Show texts and classes

Show measuring grid

See Section, “ Measuring grid ”.

Show Dimensionings

See Section, “ Show Dimensionings ”.

Views which contain dimensionings can be recognized by the respective icon with dimension line. .

Define section cut...

See Section, “ Define section cut... ”.

Perspective projection, Front view (Z), Rear view (-Z), Left view (-X), Right view (X), Top view (Y), Bottom view (-Y), Isometric view

If dimensionings have been provided by the catalog supplier and Show Dimensionings is activated an icon with dimension line is displayed. On this see Section, “ Show Dimensionings ”.


Part depiction in plastic 3D preview. The three-dimensional effect only takes place when using red-cyan glasses!

The chosen part is depicted aligning in order to raise the plastic effect. The background is automatically dimmed. The option red/cyan effect can be used independently of the depiction mode (Lines, Hidden lines, Shaded, etc.).