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Manual Filter table via input fields in column header

In the header of each column, input fields for filtering are displayed. With only a few entries the relevant rows are found.

Select single value in list field: Click on the arrow and then select the desired value.

Alternatively you can transfer a value into the input field of the corresponding column header by double-clicking on a certain field value.

In order to filter the table, you can also use the following syntax in column headers:

  • greater: >

  • greater or equal: >=

  • less: <

  • less or equal: <=

  • from to: -

  • Several single values: Currently not possible

[Note] Note

Once the table has been filtered, in the table, top left a filter symbol is displayed.

When clicking on the x in a column header, the respective filter is removed.

When clicking on the icon top left , ALL table limitations are removed.

The original row numbers are also shown in filtered status.