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Manual  Docking window "Links"

The Links window contains references to related parts.

References to related parts

References to related parts

Depending on the selection in the list field, specific categories for the comparison are used.

These may be:

  • Directory

    The remaining parts from the same directory are shown.

  • Accessories

    Parts linked in the project are displayed.

    Also see Section, “Table filtered by Accessory part ”.

  • Similar parts

    Geometrically similar parts are displayed.

    • Current catalog - Similar parts

    • All catalogs - Similar parts

    • Standards - Similar parts

    Results are displayed on line level and not on project level as with the other options.

    Standard name (NB) is displayed as description. In the tooltip you can see the complete text.

    When double-clicking, the correct line is opened.

  • Classification

    • eClass

    • Standards

    • UNSPSC

    Parts of the same classification are displayed.

    When selecting the main item, all parts classified according to eClass, Standards and UNSPSC are displayed.

    Standard parts can be recognized by the respective icon .

    In order to show preferably Standard parts, select the subitem Standards.

The default can be set under PARTdataManager -> Extras -> Settings... -> Part selection -> Content of the link window.

When double-clicking a part it is loaded into the 3D view.

When moving the mouse over a part a tooltip with 3D view and technical views is displayed.

When selecting Similar parts a bounding box is displayed, so that you can see the proportion of currently loaded part and found part at a glance. For bigger or smaller found parts it is displayed inside or outside.