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Manual Value ranges

Some parts have Value range variables. For these no fixed value is specified.

In the vertical view these parts are marked by :

[Note] Note

Optionally, you can color fields in addition. Concerning meaning of colors see below.

Extras menu ➝ Settings...Table menu ➝ Color value range columns

In order to specify the concrete characteristic, all value ranges have to be specified as well.

Depending on part specifications there are different ways of value range selection.

When changing a value the depiction in 3D view is immediately adjusted.

  • Value range: Enter the desired value within the value range or choose the value via slider.

    The red line marks the default value. When clicking on it the default value is set again.

  • Selection of discrete values: In the list field, select the desired option.

  • Selection of discrete values with preview images:

    To clarify the selection options in value range fields, graphics can also be displayed. Select the desired option via double-click.

Meaning of colors in value range fields

[Note] Note

Colors have to be activated. See above.

Depending on pre-settings, colors are displayed in the symbol , which point out different types of value range fields.

  • Yellow = Geometry attribute

    The Geometry attribute is used for those characteristics that influence the geometry; for example, if the geometry of the part or assembly changes due to the variable (e.g. maximum stroke length), or if assemblies are added or taken away, e.g. "sensor yes/no" or "option on/off".

  • Orange = Function attribute

    The Function attribute is used for stroke and angularity, everything which defines a mechanical movement in a part / assembly (e.g. the rod positioning of a cylinder).

  • Dark yellow = Dimension attribute

    The Dimension attribute is used for half-finished products and profiles that do not have fixed dimensions.