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Manual  Level of Detail - Selection

Depending on catalog, you can display and export the chosen model in different levels of detail.[80]

The selection of Level of Detail is performed in the table via value range field LODDEST and LODLEVEL:

  • LODDEST: Selection of primary target market Mechanical or Architecture.

  • LODLEVEL: Depending on selection under LODDEST, then the respective level of details are displayed (high, medium, low or 400, 350, 300 - architecture LODs don't have to be mandatorily 400, 350, 300; they may vary depending on catalog or customer requirements). More information on the levels of detail can be found under Section, “ Level of Detail - Different Schemes”.

Model available in different levels of detail

Model available in different levels of detail

[80] Background information (especially for updaters):

These are "real" models, not calculated configurations.

It must be distinguished between configurations (automatically calculated with a certain algorithm or based on certain modeling steps) and different 3D models, which are embedded in the project:

  • Configurations with different levels of detail (different LOD steps in ONE model, to adapt to requirements in target systems):

    The selection of Level of Detail happened via toolbar icon . As of V11 SP3 this icon will not be displayed anymore by default.

    Independently of the 3D view, CAD systems like Solid Works, SolidEdge and NX can show the different configurations in the CAD (respective interface configuration provided) (see Section, “ Level of Detail - Show configuration in CAD ”).

  • different 3D models with different levels of detail:

    Some catalogs provide this option. In this way different requirements in target systems can be met still better.