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9.5.  GUI

9.5.1. Context menus: "Configurator" dialog Context menu of assembly Open tree Properties... General Type Center point Context menu of "Parts" directory Insert part... Context menu of single parts Properties... Delete... Edit in PARTproject... Show links Context menu of "Table restrictions" directory Properties Context menu "Value range assignments" Manual assignment Automatic assignment Context menu of index "Conditions" Insert condition... Window "Condition properties" Context menu of the fields "Condition 1" and "Condition 2" Define condition - Example Context menu of a connection point Properties Positioning Positioning - Example Conditions Conditions - Example 1 Conditions - Example 2 Conditions - Example 3
9.5.2. Context menus: "Assembly" Dialog Context menu of the assembly Search... Transparency Edit in PARTproject... Insert (part) Context menu of part Zoom Delete Transfer to PARTbom Transparency Edit in PARTproject... Context menu of a connection point
9.5.3. Context menus: 3-D / 2-D / technical details
9.5.4. Menus File Open Saving templates Export View Configurator New Save configuration / Save configuration as Create translation file Show configurations and tables Extras Window ? (Help)

The interface is divided into the dialog areas known from the PARTdataManager plus the Configurator area and a special tree view in the Assembly area.

In the Configurator area, the system of rules is created which generates an assembly from single parts. Via context menus, Rules for every connection point and Conditions for every part are determined.

The Assembly area shows how individual parts are connected with each other and serves the part selection (as the directory tree in the PARTdataManager in the standard view).

The PARTdataManager module is described in detail under Section 3.1, “ PARTdataManager ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual. Therefore, the following only describes the Configurator and Assembly with their specific context menus. For the other areas, such as Table, 3D preview and Technical details you will find information with links to the respective sections in the PARTsolutions user manual.