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Manual  Conditions

In the dialog box Rule properties, optionally, conditions can be defined for the use of a rule.  Conditions - Only use if

Example: The selected part should only be connected if the variable value of the dummy starter part HINGEDUMMY is larger or equal 75.

  1. Activate the option Only use if.

  2. In the input field, call the context menu command Choose variable....

    -> The Variable Browser is opened.

  3. Determine part and variable and confirm with OK.

    -> In the input field, "HINGEDUMMY@L" is displayed.

  4. Behind this, manually enter ">=75".

    Result:  Conditions - Only use, if

Using a rule depending on the availability of one or several other parts in the assembly

The selected part (here exemplarily "bolt") shall only be added if both "wing 1" and "wing 2" are available.

  1. Activate the option Only use, if.

    -> Now the buttons Add and Delete are active.

  2. The fulfilling of the condition depends on whether all or only one part is added.

    Select one of the following options: (Here in this example the first one)

    • all of the following parts were inserted

    • at least one of the parts inserted

  3. Click on Add.

    -> The dialog box Table browser is opened showing all parts of the assembly.

    (Delete removes the marked part from the list.)

  4. One after another select the ones you want to use for the condition. (Selection and confirmation with OK)

    -> Now the selected ones are displayed in the dialog area Only use, if.  Conditions - Do not use the following rules if this one is used

Excluding rules depending on availability of one and/or more other parts in an assembly:

Bolt2 shall exclude wing2 in the assembly configuration.

Selected part is Bolt2.

  1. Activate the option Do not use the following rules if this one is used.

    -> The buttons Add and Delete are now active.

  2. Click on Add.

    -> In the dialog box Rule browser you can see the part overview of the assembly.

  3. In order to cancel the rule "wing1_wing2" that adds "wing2" into the assembly, you must carry out the following settings in the Rule browser.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    Now applies: wing2 cannot be part of the assembly once bolt2 is taken into the assembly.