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Manual  Center point
[Note] Note

As of V11 only displayed at old assemblies which already used this feature. Not to be used for new creation.

In the right half of the window you can define the position of the assembly within the spatial display 3D preview and/or in the CAD system. This function is to be used for the new positioning of the entire assembly.


  1. If you want to position the assembly individually related to the connection point in the coordinate system, click Add. --> The Choose connection point window opens.

  2. Select a Connection part and a Connection point to define the Center point for the repositioning.

  3. Confirm with OK.

The assembly no longer positions itself according to presets (corner of plate at point of origin of coordinate system), but now according to the connection point Drilling 1 (see image).

Old point of origin

Old point of origin

New point of origin

New point of origin

Further explanations to Choose connection point :

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You can connect the positions that you set in the Center point and in the fields X, Y, and Z via AND / OR as well.

For the combination of the positioning specifications with AND, both specifications are considered, in other words added.

For the combination with OR, the setting in the Center point (butterfly screw 1 -> S 1) field, for example, is only valid if the assembly component butterfly screw 1is already part of the current assembly.