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Manual Context menu of "Parts“ directory- Insert part...

In order to insert parts into a configuration, on the Parts item, call the context menu command Add Part.

-> An Explorer window is opened.

Select a Project file (*.prj) and confirm by clicking on Open.

-> The dialog box Part properties is opened.

Determine the properties:

  • File name: ...is automatically entered. Storage location of part.

  • Description: ...for the part within the configurator directory.

  • Equation name: ...for internal referencing of the part. Located in parenthesis behind description.

    [Note] Note

    Once assigned, an Equation name may not be changed.

  • Start element: The part, from which the creation of a system of rules is to begin, is defined as the Start element. Set a checkmark at the respective option. Start elements are identified by a red circle in the directory tree.

    [Note] Note

    You may also define more parts as start elements!

    Important! See also Section 9.8, “Example 2 - Create an Assembly Table Project ”.

  • Multiple usage: A part can be inserted in different positions and with different dimensions into the assembly.

  • Fully positionable:

    [Note] Note

    This option is especially meant for the start element. All other elements can be positioned in the dialog Rule properties.

    This option enables a vector shifting to any place in space.

    As soon as the option has been activated, the button Position... becomes active.

    When clicking on Position..., the dialog box Fixed positioning is opened.

    The dialog is divided into 3 sections.

    • Base point (default: 0,0,0)

      The part can be moved in the direction of any of the 3 axes.

    • X axis (default: 1,0,0)

      With the x-axis dialog, the coordinate system of the part can be moved across from the basic coordinate system.

    • Y axis (default: 0,1,0)

      As with x-axis

    In above example, the part was moved 5 units to the right on the x-axis and at level x-y (z=0) with vector (1; 0,1) moved upwards. In respect to the orientation to the y-axis, no changes were made.

    [Note] Note

    The z-axis field is not needed since this value is automatically calculated.

    Incorrect entries in the y-axis section are automatically corrected.

  • Hide table: The according table is no longer visible in the PARTdataManager.

  • No export: During export of the table from PARTdataManager to a CAD system this part is not exported.

    Parts with the No export option will get the NO CAD icon in PARTdataManager, in the dialog area Assembly, Bill of material (see following figure). [105]

    NO CAD

    NO CAD

  • No delete: Part cannot be removed from template.

  • Transfer to Bill of Material: The respective part is taken over by PARTbom order list.

    Parts without the option "Transfer to Bill of Material" show up grayed in the PARTdataManager, in the dialog area Assembly, Bill of material (see following image: "NO BOM"). [106]

    NO BOM

    NO BOM

  • Cut in 2D: ... defines whether the part in the cut should be affected in 2D as well. Remove the checkmark for screws, for example, that you do not want to be displayed shaded during cutting.

    [Note] Note

    If you do not make entries in the Description and Equation name field, this window may only be exited via Cancel.

[105] On this, also compare Fenster "Aufbau" - Stückliste.

[106] Compare also Section, “"Assembly" Window - Bill of material Window ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.