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Manual Context menu of the fields "Condition 1" and "Condition 2"

In the fields Condition 1 and Condition 2 you cannot enter only manually but also set formula- and variable names. The context menu, called by secondary mouse key, provides extensive opportunities to define conditions:

  • Choose variable...

    -> Call of Variable browser:

  • Function

  • Operators

  • Logic

  • Brackets

Various formula names, including variables, can be combined arithmetically.

  1. Via context menu command Choose variable..., open the window Variable browser.

    • In the field Parts the formula names (tokens) of all available parts are listed.

    • In the field Variables of part, all variables belonging to the marked part are displayed.

  2. After confirming with OK Name of part and Name of variable are entered into the field Condition 1 or Condition 2 separated by a @ sign.

  3. Confirm with OK.

    --> Docking window Configurator: A finished condition is shown in the docking window Configurator as subordinated entry with the symbol .

    (if) <Name of condition> (here "Diameter")

    --> The nominal thread diameter of the butterfly screw is oriented towards the hole diameter of the plate.