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Manual Automatic assignment

With the use of the function "Automatic assignment" value range variables can automatically be mapped onto each other.

  1. Click on the button Automatic.

    -> The dialog box Table browser is opened. It contains a listing of all assembly parts.

  2. Select ONE part and map the value range variables onto each other by clicking OK.

    -> The assignments are entered in the respective column.

    Afterwards choose other parts, if needed.

    Mapping conditions are:

    • Name is equal

    • Type is equal (text/number)

    • There isn't already a value set

  3. Confirm with OK.

    -> The assignments are transferred into the docking window Configurator, under menu item Value range assignments.

  4. In those parts, where adjustments have be performed, click on the Properties again, check for differences, and apply adjustments if needed.