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3.1.20. Reference part Toolbars Views Level of Detail Default Export Assembly Configurator mode Exploded view Assembly structure Connect assemblies automatically Connection points Link database Single functions (buttons) Menus File menu Export menu Transfer to CAD Export in file Meta file batch ERP menu View menu 2D derivation Configurator mode Exploded view Assembly structure Recalc automatically Table menu Show graphics in table Edit table Tabbed page Documents Tabbed page Variables Tabbed page Table Configurator menu Extras menu PARTupdate PARTadmin PARTbom Bill of material Physical properties of the part Purchineering Duplicates Report Search for unmachined parts Report generations on server... Send to Sunglass server Connect assemblies automatically Start VBS/VBB script... Open part by MIDENT Settings... Window menu Help menu Search functions Docking windows (Standard) Docking windows (Extras) Context menus Context menu commands Part selection Context menu commands - Examples Context menu commands in detail Open Versions Go to class Part information Release Notes Search in the catalog / Search in directory Part comparison Sort by geometric similarity Geometrical search for this part Partial search for this part Sketch search for this part Cloud Navigation Search Purchineering Duplicates Report Unmachined / Finished part report Price search... Add to favorites Copy Copy projects to the clipboard Hide project / Hide directory Rename directory Create new directory Create document project Analysis Generate image data/preview images with batch run Generate previews Export images Edit with PARTproject Catalog Feedback Context menu commands Part view Overview Context menu commands in docking window "3D view" Zoom all Transfer to PARTbom/ Selected parts Transparency Part comparison Animation / Set rotation center Views Normal to face Enter rotation angle Define section cut... Measurement of 3D parts Measuring grid Print Specific commands for assemblies Context menu commands in docking window "2D derivation" Choose insertion point Show coordinate system Print Dimensioning mode Context menu command in docking window "Technical details" Context menu commands in docking window "Links" Context menu commands in docking window "Table" Context menu commands in docking window "Assembly"

In the reference part, you can find all PARTdataManager functions not yet mentioned, arranged according to toolbars, menus, docking windows (standard), docking windows (extras) and context menus.

[Note] Note

The upper page area with menus and toolbars is always visible. Menus, menu items, buttons and toolbars to be displayed can be controlled by administrative settings. So possibly you don't see all available elements. Details on this can be found under Section, “ Tweak menus, menu items, toolbars, buttons and context menu commands ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.