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Manual  Exploded view

The exploded view can be opened via the toolbar or the menu.

The command is only active for assemblies.

Assembly toolbar: Exploded view

Assembly toolbar: Exploded view

View menu: Exploded view

View menu: Exploded view

The Exploded view : ...shows the display of an assembly that has been "drifted apart". Set the desired display criteria in the window with the same name.

Animated : ...shows the drifting apart of the assembly components in a motion-sequence.

Rotate: ...rotates the assembly during explosion.

Not yet exploded transparent : To better differentiate, no transparents are yet displayed for drifted apart components.

Step 1 / ... model size: ... regulates the speed of the explosion.

[Note] Note

The functions Rotate, Not yet exploded transparent and step 1/... model size can only be set once the option Animated has been activated.

Reference lines : ...shows the relation between individual components via lines.

Automatic zoom : ...moves the part into the center of the window during explosion in order to obtain the largest possible display.