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Standard toolbar

Standard toolbar

The standard toolbar contains the following icons:

  • Show graphics in table

    See Section, “ Determine characteristic in "Table" view ”.

  • Export to bill of materials

    See Section 3.2, “ PARTbom ”.

  • Automatic recalc on/off

    See Section, “ Recalc automatically ”.

  • Update via Internet

    This command opens the module PARTadmin. In order to update or install catalogs you need write permission. For missing write permission you will receive a corresponding message.

    Update via Internet

    Update via Internet

    See under Section, “ Catalog update Online ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  • Show system information/send to support

    See Section 5.7.4, “ System info/Support ”.

  • PDF datasheet

    See Section, “Export PDF datasheet ”.

  • Show/hide parts that should be avoided

    In the DIN, EN and ISO datasheets (as well as other country standards) specific sizes are often considered unusable. The part distinction is carried out administratively.[129]

    Dimensions that should be avoided: Identification in Table view

    Dimensions that should be avoided: Identification in Table view

  • Catalog Feedback

    See Section 3.1.17, “ Catalog Feedback ”.

  • DIN 962 Option

    With the help of this button you can control whether you want to display DIN962 options in the table and vertical view (for standard parts). DIN 962 controls how screws and nuts can be adjusted for special cases through additional forms and models.

    Detailed information about configuration can be found under Section, “ din962_global.cfg - Variants in screws and nuts (DIN 962) ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  • Preferred Catalog

    In the Assistant dialog box, the respective form is being loaded.

    Report missing preferred catalog

    Report missing preferred catalog

    Here you can wish for preferred catalogs from manufacturers.

    In order to offer you the biggest selection of suppliers, we are continuously trying to add more to our multitude of supplier catalogs. CADENAS is working at its highest capacity to make all suppliers with electronic product catalogs available.

    Please support us in this matter and let us know your favorite manufacturer and/or let us know which manufacturers we do not have on our preferred list.

    • In the alphabet list, select the desired letter and check in the list if your preferred catalog is there.

    • Via the links you reach the company home pages directly.

    • You cannot find your preferred catalog?

    • At the end of the equation, enter your preferred catalog (or catalogs) with company name (in order to avoid misunderstandings, ideal with website address).

    • Click on Send request.

    If search results are missing, in the dialog area Search result, the button Wish catalogs... is displayed.

    Button Wish catalogs...

    Button Button Wish catalogs... Wish catalogs...

    Furthermore the button appears at the end of the list of search results.

    When clicking on the button Wish catalogs..., in the docking window Assistant, the respective Internet page is shown where you can request a new catalog by specifying matching categories.

    The same applies for the Seamless area in CAD.

    Here, a respective page is opened in the browser.

    In the configuration file psolopt.cfg, block [SettingsSearch], key ShowWishCatalogs, the feature can be activated (YES [default]) and deactivated (NO).

  • First steps

    In the docking window Assistant, different selection options are provided:

  • Search and Part Selection: The PARTdataManager standard view is opened.

  • Help videos tutorials: Different videos, especially about search methods are offered.

  • User portal: With the help of an integrated web client, the docking window Assistant is opened with the PARTsolutions User Portal . Here, you can contact other PARTsolutions users or get Service&Support information.

    [Tip] Tip

    In the docking window Assistant you have a complete Browser functionality. In the context menu beside the tab, you can open the menu bar.

    In the menu bar, in the context menu, you can open the Navigation.

    In the menu history, you can find the call for the Start side.

    The settings concerning Start side you can find under PARTdataManager -> Extras menu -> Settings... -> Web assistant -> tabbed page General.

  • storage area

    For every part sketches and pictures can be displayed in order to show the exact position in the stock and rack.

    By clicking on the icon storage area these are displayed in the Assistant.

    Click on the button in order to return to the Part selection.

[129] Detailed information about configuration can be found under Section, “ avoid_parts.cfg ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.