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Manual Context menu commands in docking window "3D view"

Context menu: Single part - 3D view

Context menu: Single part - 3D view

[Note] Note

Zoom / Move

Set the assignment of keys under PARTdataManager - > Extras -> Settings... -> 3D settings -> Mouse and keyboard.

Detailed information on this can be found under Section, “ Mouse and keyboard assignment”.  Zoom all

With the Zoom all button you bring the display of the part onto a balanced measurement. The part is large enough, but still does not protrude over the 3D view window during rotation. If the option Explicit zoom has been set (see Section, “ Handling ”) the display within the window is maximally enlarged.  Transfer to PARTbom/ Selected parts

[Note] Note

The command is displayed if several parts have been selected via Ctrl key.

You can transfer parts to your CAD system and alternatively to PARTbom.

PARTbom (bom = bill of material) is an administration tool in order to create lists of bom for orders. A detailed description of PARTbom you can find under Section 3.2, “ PARTbom ”.

You can both transfer single parts and a selection of different individual parts of an assembly:

  • Single part:

    Click on the single part with the right mouse button and choose Transfer to PARTbom.

  • Selection of different parts of an assembly:

    To highlight the individual parts in the 3D preview hold the Ctrl key pressed down.



Subsequent to your selection in the context menu click on Selected parts -> Transfer to PARTbom.

-> A dialog box where you adjust the number of parts is displayed. Adjust the number and confirm with OK.

-> Afterwards PARTbom opens with the following message:

  • Create new bom file

  • Open existing bom file

  • Open last bom file

Choose an option and confirm with OK.

The parts are directly inserted into the Bill of material.  Transparency

Transparency: Regulate the transparency of a solid

Via slider, you can adjust the transparency stepless from fully visible to invisible.  Part comparison

Detailed information on the part comparison can be found under Section, “ Part comparison ”.  Animation / Set rotation center

This command starts an automated rotational movementof the current solid.

The command exists in the context menu as well as in the 3D toolbar .

The rotation happens around the rotation center.

With a right-click on any point inside the part and the Set rotation center command (also inside the context menu) you set the rotation center of the animation.

In order to stop the animation, click on the Animation command again or on any place within the 3D window.  Views

Under Views, you can find 6 axis related perspectives and an Iso, Di and Trimetric view (Perspective projection).

Alternatively you can find the commands in the toolbar.  Normal to face

Normal to face moves a marked face frontally to the viewer.

  1. .Click on desired face.

  2. Click the command Normal to face.

    --> The clicked face is moved to the front.  Enter rotation angle

Enter rotation angle opens the window Set rotation. Enter a numerical value and click on the corresponding button.

Initial position

Initial position

End position

End position  Define section cut...

Select a sectional plane and the desired offset in relation to zero level. Depending on the algebraic sign an offset in positive or negative direction results.

More details can be found under Section, “ Define section cut... ”.  Measurement of 3D parts

See Section, “ Measurement of 3D parts ”.  Measuring grid

See Section, “ Measuring grid ”.  Print

You have the opportunity to print the 3D view of the part/assembly.

When clicking on the command the respective settings dialog box of your operation system opens. Specific commands for assemblies

Context menus of parts and assemblies slightly differ. At assemblies the context menu depends on whether the focus is inside or outside of the assembly.