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Chapter 4. PARTcommunity4Enterprise

Table of Contents

4.1. Technical information / General
4.2. User interface
4.3. Basics: Change language | Register | Login
4.3.1. Basics: Change language | Register | Login (Supplier/OEM portals)
4.3.2. Basics: Change language | Register | Login (B2B portal)
4.4. Account Settings
4.4.1. Account Settings (Supplier/OEM portals)
4.4.2. Account settings (B2B portal)
4.5. Part selection
4.5.1. How can I select catalogs and product groups?
4.5.2. Catalog display: Which filter possibilities are available? All catalogs By standards By categories eCl@ss Certified catalogs
4.5.3. Which search functions are available? How can I search for specific terms? How can I search for specific variables? How can the geometric search be carried out (based on an uploaded own part) ? How the geometric search can be carried out based on a catalog part? How can I search for parts by a self drawn sketch? The required catalog is not available - what can I do?
4.5.4. How do I recognize my position in directory levels and how can I switch to another?
4.5.5. How can I define the characteristic of the part?
4.5.6. What additional icons are there?
4.5.7. How can I filter for certain variables in the table view?
4.5.8. How can I adjust value range fields?
4.5.9. How can I compare parts?
4.5.10. Where the Related Equipment is displayed?
4.6. Preview
4.6.1. How can I get a 3D preview of the selected CAD model?
4.6.2. How can I get dimension diagrams (technical views) of the chosen CAD model?
4.6.3. How can I create a 2D derivation?
4.6.4. Live Rendering
4.7. How can I select CAD formats?
4.8. How can I generate CAD models?
4.9. How can I import the selected CAD model into the CAD system?
4.9.1. How can I send selected CAD model to my email address and import it into the CAD system?
4.9.2. How can I download selected CAD model and import it into the CAD system?
4.9.3. How can I directly integrate selected CAD model into CAD system (PART2cad)?
4.10. Special Actions
4.10.1. How can I generate a PDF datasheet?
4.10.2. How can I request costs and delivery date at supplier?

Supplier portal

The connection of sub-contractors and engineering service providers is a minimal requirement for globally acting companies nowadays. Construction orders are usually outsourced and components are thus created by partners or within your own company.

Therefore the up-to-dateness of the part geometries to be used is a very important criterion. Often, project specific or restricted part pools are required, which partners have access to. The transfer of requirements and product data or engineering drawings, however, occurs mainly per email or even through the mail today.

Thanks to PARTcommunity, all necessary documents and geometries concerning the product development process are visible to all persons involved.

By using the collaborative platform, you greatly improve your internal and external information flow as well as your process times.