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Manual How can I adjust the value range fields in the variable view?

Some parts contain value range fields. In order to completely specify the part, a selection must be made in the value range fields.

The settings are made in the Variables section.

Follow the steps listed below to set the value ranges:

  1. Select product groups as long as a concrete assembly or concrete single part has been specified and then select a specific characteristic.[139]

  2. Click on the part description or the preview image in order to get to the variable view.

    -> You can recognize the value range fields by their yellow background color and by the table symbol on the right.

    • Selection finished, only one remaining value

    • Changeable value. Click on the value to change the selection.

    Click on "Back" to get to the table again.

There are different types of value range fields:

  • Input fields or selection via slider

    Enter the desired value manually or set it using the slider in the given area.

    [Note] Note

    Inputs outside of the allowed value range are automatically corrected.

  • List fields

    Open the list field and select the desired value.

  • Value range fields with images

    Some catalogs support images for variant selection.

    Open the list field and click on the preview image or the text to set another value.

The part is now completely specified.

[139] On the B2B portal, you have to be on the page 3D CAD CATALOGS.