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4.5.8. How can I adjust value range fields?

You can open the Variable view from the Table view by clicking on row number, preview image or part name.

In the Variable view all variables are vertically listed. Variables which need to be specified can be recognized by input fields, sliders or list fields.

Click on Back , in order to return to the table.

Now the part is completely specified and can be generated. See Section 4.8, “How can I generate CAD models?”.


Selection done. Only one value left to choose (Display depending on portal)

Enter value in different unit

  1. Select unit for value to be entered.

    ➝ The value range labels are automatically adjusted.

  2. Enter value and confirm with OK.

    ➝ The value is automatically converted into the original unit and entered.

Quick selection: When clicking on the symbol the default value is set again.