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Manual How can I search for parts by a self drawn sketch?

You can conduct a search based on self-drawn sketches.

[Note] Note

The more specific the sketch, the less are needed. Possibly you will get best results with only one single sketch.

  1. Open the list field under Search and then click on Sketch 2D.

  2. In order to draw the first sketch, click on the desired view (Top, Front, Side).

  3. Select black as your color.

  4. Select the circle function.

  5. With your left mouse button, click into the center of the sketch and pull open a black circle by holding down the left mouse button.

  6. Change color to white.

  7. With the left mouse button, click into the midpoint of the sketch and create a smaller white circle whilst holding down the left mouse button.

  8. Change the color back to black.

  9. Change tool to paintbrush and set stroke thickness to 16.

  10. Draw the spokes.

  11. Optionally you can draw a second or third sketch.

    Click into the next view box in order to make your second sketch. Draw a second version of the hand wheel. The settings are already set correctly.

  12. Click on Search.

    ➝ The results are displayed.

    [Note] Note

    After a search was conducted, the created sketches are saved and are available for use upon next launch (in the current situation they are available for use until you log off).

  13. Open a hit.