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Manual How can I search for specific terms?

Enter the search term and click on .

[Note] Note

The number of characters must be at least 3.

Part string search is possible.

Wildcard search with '*' is possible.

Boolean operators

You can increase the efficiency of search queries by using boolean operators. Use the operators listed below with the explanations given by the examples.

Search for documents in which both terms come up.
Example: screw AND din AND galvanic

Search for documents in which one of the terms comes up.
Example: screw OR nut

Exclude a term.
Example: nut NOT screw

Search with specific need for a term.
Example: +din screw

Search with placeholder for several symbols.
In order to find "groove ball bearing", the following example may be used:
Example: grooves*

➝ The found parts are listed below.

➝ Mouseover on a preview image displays the part name.

➝ When clicking on Preview, a 3D preview is displayed.

➝ When clicking on Show more results, successively all results are loaded.

➝ In the list field Filter by catalog, when clicking a catalog supplier, the search results are accordingly filtered.

Nothing found?: Ask for your preferred catalog.