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Manual How can I define the characteristic of the part?

Follow the steps listed below to define the characteristic of the part:

  1. Select product groups as long as a concrete assembly or concrete single part has been specified.[138]

  2. Define the characteristic of the part, by clicking into the option field of the desired row. -> The currently selected row is marked with an arrow at the beginning.

    -> A preview of the selected model can be loaded by clicking on the button Update preview.

  3. By clicking on the part description or the preview image, you can switch into the Variable view.

  4. The variable view shows all important data of a specific characteristic in a compact form.

    [Note] Note

    For parts with value range fields the variable view helps allocate the values (see Section, “How can I adjust the value range fields in the variable view?”).

    ->Click on Back , to return to the table view.

[138] On the B2B portal, you have to be on the page 3D CAD CATALOGS.