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Manual  Translation

Translation environment: For the translation environment you have the following options:

The translation process is significantly efficient when using Online Translation Services. Furthermore typing errors are avoided.

The following online translation services are already preconfigured:[23]

More than 50 translation languages and many language combinations are available. It is easy to overtake the suggestions and possible to modify before.

Use a number of Online Translation Services directly from PARTproject. Or export a source languages via CSV file, in order to make it available for external translators. These will import the data in PARTcatalogTranslator [24] [25]. There the same functionality is given without eCATALOGsolutions. Finally the file is exported from PARTcatalogTranslator and imported in eCATALOGsolutions at the catalog supplier again.

[23] In the configuration file under $CADENAS_SETUP\online_translators.cfg. Detailed information is found under Section, “Configuration of the Online Translation Services”.

[24] Launching with "$CADENAS\bin\x86\32\ptranslator.exe".

[25] PARTcatalogTranslator can also be used in V8.1 projects, because it is independent due to the CSV interface.