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Manual  Menu item Variables

  • Preferred rows :

    Determine the Variable (column), which you want to specify as preferred row.

  • Order/Groups of Variables:

    See Section, “ Order/Groups of Variables - Hide columns (variables) ”.

  • Column visibility on PARTserver:

    Concerns the table display on PARTserver.

  • Variables containing graphics:

    If you want to display table rows with graphics (*.png) in projects, first apply a new variable/column in PARTdesigner. Then enter the file name of the desired graphic into the single rows of the new column. Then open the dialog box Variable list in PARTproject (Browse button ...) and activate the respective variable.

    [Note] Note

    Keep the graphic size low, because otherwise the operating speed of the system is restrained.

  • Columns to sort natural:

    See Section, “ Columns to sort natural ”.

  • Variables with inch display:

    Column contents with metrical dimensions can be recalculated to inch dimensions per algorithm. Set the variables (columns) which are to be calculated thus.

  • Translatable Variables:

    Enter the text variables here whose fields contain translatable texts. Within the Translation tabbed page, store the respective translation text in the different languages. -> As soon as one sets another language for the program surface, the current field text is replaced by the alternative (foreign language) text.

    Detailed information on the subject "Translation" is found under Section, “ Translation ”.

  • Variable for Assembly positioning:

    Optional entry: Refers to "Testmeta".

    Variables can be specified as Function attribute (e.g. displayed stroke of an assembly with cylinder driven in or out or angularity in a hinge).

    Such variables entered here are not used for geometrical checks in TESTmeta, whereby variants to be tested are reduced.

  • Open value ranges (assistant)

    Value range variables entered here are nor checked in TESTmeta.

  • Images for Table header

    When clicking on ... the same-named dialog box is opened where you can determine the desired variable and the image path.

    The icon is displayed beside the variable

    The icon is displayed beside the variable

    An entry in the project file looks like this:

    • HEADERIMAGE(Y)=header_i.png

      The image is stored in the project directory.

    • HEADERIMAGE(Y)=%catroot%/header_i.png

      The image is stored in the catalog's main directory.

  • Variables containing external references:

    See Section, “ Variables containing external references ”.