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Manual Menu item Settings for the catalog (display on catalog level)

[Note] Note

This menu item is only displayed on catalog level.

  • Catalog name

    This description shows up in the PARTdataManager.

  • Private catalog

    Value range: Yes / No

    Private catalogs cannot be published and furthermore for these no icons concerning publishing will be displayed. Detailed information on catalog publishing is found under Section 6.10, “ Publish catalog ”.

  • Subfolders to exclude

    If you want to exclude certain directories (e.g. print data) from Publishing / CIP generation, then proceed as follows:

    1. In PARTproject, on catalog level, call up the tabbed page General.

    2. Under Settings for the catalog -> Subfolders to exclude, click on the search button ....

    3. -> The dialog box Select subfolders to exclude opens.

      Once a checkbox is enabled in the column Directories, the respective directory is neither uploaded to the publication server (PARTcommunity) nor it becomes content of the CIP file.

      If the checkbox in the column Exclude only from CIP is enabled in addition, the respective directory is uploaded to the publication server (PARTcommunity) and only excluded from the CIP.

    4. Activate the checkbox at all directories to be excluded and confirm with OK.

    5. -> The selected subdirectories are inserted in the input field separated by comma.

    [Note] Note

    If a directory is marked as not to be published (see Section 6.10, “ Publish catalog ”), normally it is not displayed in final media. However, it is uploaded to the publication server (PARTcommunity). If you want to be on the safe side that it won't be displayed under any circumstances, for the desired directories better use the option Select subfolders to exclude described here. However, if folders are excluded you have to check in particular whether there are dependencies to needed files.

    The same applies for the option Hide directory (see Section, “ Hide directory / Show folder ”). Also hidden directories will be uploaded to the publication server (PARTcommunity).

  • Hide frequently used terms (TagCloud)

    With the help of the TagCloud, the search functionality in PARTdataManager is enhanced for each catalog.

    To optimize the terms displayed in the TagCloud, it is necessary to exclude all irrelevant terms before.

    Before starting the function, in any case create a new full-text search index. Finally it is recommended to procede as follows:

    1. Click on the Browse button ....

      -> You are requested to update the full-text search index.

      Confirm with Yes.

      -> The respective dialog box is opened.

    2. Sorting according to Frequency by clicking on the column header (high numbers to the top)

    3. Click on select/deselect all, so that all entries are selected (=excluded) in the first step.

    4. Then go through the list from top to bottom in order to include about 30-50 terms again by clearing the respective checkboxes.


      • Meaningful namings

      • Potential search terms


      • Numbers

      • Trivial number codes

      • Conjunctions and adjectives

      • etc.

    5. Ideally the procedure has to be repeated for all languages, at least for German and English.

      In the list field top left choose the desired language.

    6. Finally, check the result in PARTdataManager, in the docking window Details under TagCloud.

  • Name of installation

    You can assign your own description for the installation process.

    Name of installation

    Name of installation

    You can also store translations on the Translation tabbed page for this.

    Name of installation

    Name of installation

    The term entered under Name of installation will be displayed during installation in PARTadmin or during installation of the DVD.

    Name of installation

    Name of installation

  • Catalog created in the language

  • Default language of catalog:

    The entry states the language of the default translations. Compare tabbed page Translation -> column default.

    [Note] Note

    The entry should only be set, if one language is used as "default" consistently in the catalog.

    The key name in the project file is DEFAULTLANG. This key is also considered for the tag list generation, if set for the catalog.

  • Catalog available in the languages

    Define translation languages

    Define translation languages

    The translation languages are displayed on the Translation tabbed page.

    [Note] Note

    A detailed description for the catalog translation is found under Section, “ Translation ”.

  • Check ERP-Mapping on upload:

    It is recommended to leave the default setting on Yes, because in this way it is easier to keep the mapping up-to-date and thus avoid problems during publication.

    -> When uploading the dialog Check ERP-Mapping is opened.

    When changing to No no message will appear that the mapping should be performed. Then you have to use the commands Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping....

    Details on ERP mapping can be found under Section 6.10.2, “ Check ERP-Mapping (Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping...) ”.

  • QA: If a catalog managed via QA shall be created, then you must select Yes from the list.

    Detailed information about PARTproject QA can be found under Chapter 6, PARTproject QA.

  • Server: For SVN managed catalogs, the entry occurs automatically.

  • Download additional QA files

    Currently not being used.

  • Maintain render materials:

    When clicking on ..., the dialog box Rendermaterialien is opened. Detailed information on this can be found under Section, “ Render material - Functionality ”.

    Furthermore in PARTdesigner, Render materials can be assigned as face attribute. More information on face attributes can be found under Section 7.7.1, “ Face attributes ”.