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Manual  Search results tabbed page

The search results are displayed below on the Search results tabbed page in different modes:

  • Details

    The Details mode shows the Table variables. Namely not only for common variables but basically which may lead to large tables (depending on search settings).

    Above each column you can find an input field for filtering. Even if not all hits are displayed on the search results tabbed page the filter affects all hits anyhow and adjusts the display of the table variables dynamically. You can filter some variables one after another, already set values will remain.

    Mode "Details"

    Mode "Details"

  • Symbols

    The Symbols mode shows large preview images and the most important information such as standard number and name.

    Mode "Symbols"

    Mode "Symbols"

  • Table

    The Table mode shows the Table variables as well and widely corresponds to the Details mode. However, smaller preview images are displayed here and the column Summary is omitted so that you can see more columns at a glance.

    Mode "Table"

    Mode "Table"

  • Cloud Map

    See Fig. „Mode "Cloud Map"“.

  • Partition Map

    Mode "Partition Map"

    Mode "Partition Map"

Dependent on the setting parts or parts and part families .(compare above) the access on single parts is different. Whether the superordinate project (part or assembly) or a concrete characteristic is displayed you can recognize at the respective icon:

  • | Part or assembly

  • Concrete characteristic

In the context menu of a part family or a single part you can find various commands. In the Details mode buttons are displayed in addition.

Via Open for example you can switch to the Part view. You can find detailed information on the part view under Section 3.1.7, “ Part view ”.

Via for example you can open the Part comparison or load a part into the part comparison. You can find detailed information on Part comparison under Section, “ Part comparison ”.

[37] If you want to change the presettings, then please click on the "Search settings" button and select the "General" tabbed page.