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Manual Docking window "Details"

Catalog or project information is displayed on the tabbed page Part selection, in the docking window Details by default.

"Details" Docking window

"Details" Docking window

  • On catalog and directory level, general catalog information is displayed:

    • Last change

    • Categories

    • Languages

    • Branch offices

      At catalogs with worldwide branch offices countries and locations are selectable via list field (if provided).

  • On project level additional information is displayed:

    • Description

    • Unit

    • Last change

    • Expiration date

      (if set by catalog supplier)

    • Classifications

      If several classifications are available they can be selected via list field.

  • On all levels the TagCloud is displayed.

    Die TagCloud contains the most frequent catalog terms of selected project or directory. When clicking on a term a full-text search is performed. If an ERP integration is available the link database is searched through in addition.

    By default the first 20 terms of the TagCloud with at least 3 characters are displayed.[66]

[66] Adjustable via configuration file. See Section, “ Block [InfoPane] - TagCloud ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.