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Manual "Cloud Map" display mode

In the Cloud Map mode you can find the following features:

Mode "Cloud Map"

Mode "Cloud Map"

  • Parts are displayed as graphics

  • Geometric similar parts are closer together than less similar parts.

    In this way you get a quick overview on the search results and possibly can specify the search in a further step.

  • By clicking on a part (graphic) a tooltip with part information on standard number and standard name is displayed, furthermore a 3D preview.

  • Above the Cloud Map a toolbar with additional functions is displayed:

    • Picture size: Adjust the image size with the slider.

    • Transparent background: Turn of transparency, if graphics are overlapped and you want to focus on a marked graphic.

    • Show relations: If you activate the checkbox, the relation lines based on textual accordance are displayed. Geometric and textual information does not have to be according necessarily.

      Show relations

      Show relations