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Manual  Menu item Render attributes

[Note] Note

The menu item Render attributes is only displayed on project level for 3D project and 3D bearing.

[Note] Note
  • When creating new projects preferably use Render attributes, not Color and texture.

    Advantage: Central administration of materials. In this way changes for affected projects can be performed with little effort. Furthermore parts can be attractively designed for the 3D view.

  • Maintain render materials (display only on catalog level): At first specify all materials used in catalog and then simply assign them to individual projects (features [such as face attributes, for example]). In this way you can save a lot of time.

    Maintain render materials

    Maintain render materials

  • For already existing projects, use the function under Project selection -> context menu command Automation -> Materials made of colors.

    Via batch process materials can be mapped to colors. Older parts can get a more attractive look with little effort in this way and be prepared for the new workflow. At that several materials can be assigned to a color or a certain material can be assigned to specific projects of a color. Details on this can be found under Section, “ Materials made of colors ”.

  • With rendering functionality (textures and normal maps[43]) you will receive very realistic 3D views. The material can be set for the whole part or for single faces (in future also for other features).

    [Important] Important

    Only endless textures, which are automatically wrapped around the model, are supported. That means logos etc. should not be used with textures. Only rotation and scale is used.

    The render attributes color and texture are displayed in PARTdataManager and Online portals.

    When exporting to CAD systems the color specified in the render material (not the "Maxwell color") is exported, however, not the texture.

[43] Normalmaps do not change the outline, but only affect light reflexion and shadowing and do no need extra geometry.