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Manual  Texture

Texture: The part surface can be assigned a texture (for example, reflecting chrome effect or the Company logo ).

[Note] Note

Examples can be found in the training catalog under /partdesigner/texturedemo. In order to get an overview of the settings options, open one of the projects in the texturedemo directory in the PARTdataManager. The examples show texture options.

The table below lists the settings parameters.

Under ...\training\partdesigner\texturedemo\textures you can find all images used as textures; among others the cap_logo.bmp used in the example.

Save as many bmps in this directory as desired for later use. These must be applied quadratically according to formula 2 to the nth pixel.

Change the values in the text string in the input field in PARTproject or under attribute algorithms in PARTdesigner.

Example string:
Parameter in string Value range Description
TEX1 bmp Path to textures in the "textures" directories
TEX1_ENVMODE SHADOW Only the texture is displayed, the brightness changes through exposure to light
  MODULATE Texture is mixed with color. The colors are multiplied causing it to become darker
  DECAL Only the texture is displayed, the brightness is constant
  BLEND Texture is mixed with assembly color The colors are added, making it brighter
TEX1_GENMODE SPHERE_MAP The texture is changed based on angle of the viewer. This results in the effect of a reflecting surface
  EYE_LINEAR Standard (also given over empty). The texture is displayed the same from every angle
TEX1_SIZE 0.01 to 100 mm Size of the texture
TEX1_MAPU + TEX1_MAPV X, -X, Y, -Y, Z, -Z Orientation in space according to axes X, Y, Z
TEX1_MAPANGLE 0° - 360° Gradient angle of the texture
TEX1_MOVU + TEX1_MOVV -100 to 100 mm Movement within a selected plane
TEX1_WRAPU + TEX1_WRAPV REPEAT, CLAMP Repetition within both axes planes: yes or no
TEX1_SIZEU + TEX1_SIZEV 0.01 to 100 mm Stretching within both axes planes
TEX1_FLOATING 0, 1 Placement of the texture on all planes of the object
TEX1_SINGLESIDED 0, -1, 1 Only places the texture on an object side
[Note] Note

Make sure that the textures directory is in the right place analog to the path description.