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Manual  Materials made of colors

For a quick mapping of materials, use already set colors. At that several materials can be assigned to a color or a certain material can be assigned to specific projects of a color.

With rendering functionality (textures and Normalmaps[32] ) you will receive very realistic 3D views. The material can be set for the whole part or for single faces. Examples on this can be found under Section, “Examples”.

The mapping procedure of materials to colors can be performed for a whole catalog.

  1. Call: PARTproject -> Project selection -> catalog context menu -> Automation -> Materials made of colors

  2. In the dialog Create materials from color all found colors are listed.

    Create materials from color

    Create materials from color

    Once selecting a color on the left, on the right found projects are listed.

    When selecting a material in the list field under Material on the left, it is set at all projects on the right. In the list fields on the right under Material, you can optionally select other materials for certain projects.

  3. Confirm by clicking OK.

[32] Normalmaps do not affect the contour of objects, but only light reflexion and shadowing and do not need extra-geometry.