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5.9.1. Overview on tabbed pages

[Note] Note

The number of displayed tabbed pages depends on different factors:

  • Selected level (catalog, directory, project)

  • Project type (selected on tabbed page General)

  • License

  • Config setting

In the following an overview is given, when which tabbed pages are shown.

After this the following chapters give details on the single tabbed pages.

Overall tabbed pages (on directory level)

  • General: the General tabbed page is always displayed. The individual input rows may vary depending on the selected level and project type.

  • Catalog help: a catalog help can be created on any level.

  • Translation: you can translate on any level.

  • Documents: On the tabbed page Documents, Media Variables are managed. These can be created for different purposes (PARTtemplateDesigner [3D PDF data sheet function, print projects, assistants, product configurators, PARTcommunity [e.g. tooltip information]).

  • Image: Image import and editing

  • History: concerns quality control under PARTproject QA.

    For details see Chapter 6, PARTproject QA.

  • Catalog separation: function in order to create some subcatalogs from a central catalog.

  • PRINTcatalog: Special functions on creation of print catalogs.

  • QA check: concerns quality control under PARTproject QA (project level), displayed if under Extras -> Preferences... "Activate QA" is activated. See Chapter 6, PARTproject QA.

Special tabbed pages (on project level depending on project type)