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5.9.4.  Tabbed page 2D derivation

The tabbed page 2D derivation shows up for project type 3D project, 3D bearing, 2D / 3D bearings, Assembly configuration and Assembly template.

[Note] Note

The 2D derivations (Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, Bottom) are automatically generated and are therefore available in the PARTdataManager.

The standard 2D derivations can be modified afterwards and additional 2D derivations can be added. On the tabbed page 2D derivation you can assign the 2D model to the appropriate views. More information under Section 5.11.2, “ 2D derivation: Enhance Default views ”.

In the PARTdataManager the 2D views are available to you in the 2D derivation docking window.

Further information can be found under Section 5.11, “Adjust 2D derivations ”.