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5.9.20. Tabbed page Catalog separation

Catalog separation is a function in order to create some subcatalogs from a central catalog.

[Note] Note

Preconditions to display the tabbed page Catalog separation:

  • License CNS2009*ECATADDONS*SEPARATIONTOOL has to be available.

  • Following entry has to be set in $CADENAS_SETUP/qasettings.cfg:


  • In catalog root directory, in dir.prj, the key ISCATALOGGROUP has to be set with value "1".


  1. Select the Catalog separation tab.

  2. Under Targeted catalogs determine catalog names and prefixes.

  3. Under Key-mapping determine Project key and media variable.

    Project keys can be found in the project file and media variables are displayed on the tabbed page Documents.

  4. Once selecting a project on the left, settings of the chosen subcatalog (depending on selected tab) are displayed on the right, which are executed during the separation process.

  5. Once all settings are made, in the Extras menu, click on Separate catalogs....

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

  6. Under Catalog selection, activate the desired catalogs.

    Optionally, activate Adjust project date (when changing settings):

    [Note] Note

    Normally, the project date should not be adjusted!

    In exceptional cases, may be if the visibility state of columns has been changed, when this option is activated, then only at changed project the date is adjusted.