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5.9.8.  Tabbed page Assembly

The Assembly tabbed page shows up only for project type Assembly configuration and Assembly template.

Basically, a distinction must be made between Assembly configuration and Assembly template . Configuration relates to an assembly project which is set up step by step in PARTdataManager and which can also be influenced individually in its composition. By contrast, a template is set up fully and automatically when open, like a template.

The distinction between these two assembly types is also clearly shown by the various symbols in the directory tree.

Assembly type




When you Create and Save an assembly in the Configurator, *.prj and *.asy or *.sbl files are created automatically in PARTproject's directory tree.

Assembly file: The field is automatically assigned the corresponding file name after being created.

Data directories: The Data directories is determined within 23d-libs and is entered in the field of the same name.

Dimensioning views: Files indicating assembly dimensioning must be specified in the Dimensioning views field.