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5.9.10.  Tabbed page Links

The tabbed page Links is displayed at Project type 3D project, Classification Search, 3D bearing, 2D/3D project, Assembly table, Without geometry, Native Part, Simple assembly.

  • Parts entered in the dialog area Links to parts, are displayed in PARTdataManager, in the docking window Links if the Accessories option is selected.

  • In the dialog area Variants, you can optionally determine, if the accessory part shall be displayed for the whole project or only for certain rows (characteristics).

  • In the dialog area Filter, you can optionally determine, if all rows or only certain shall be displayed in the accessory part, if it is opened. If no filter is set, simply all rows are displayed.

  • In cases, when multiple IDs shall be assigned to a project link, the dialog area ID is needed. For example, this is the case for the electrical parts classification. (See below.)

  • When selecting variables (both in the dialog area Variants and Filter), also value range variables can be used. Here, a Standard value can be determined or the value range definition be adjusted.

  • When determining values (of accessory part), also variable values of the source part can be used.

  • Furthermore complex expressions (conditions) can be composed with the help of Fortran syntax.

Also see Section, “ New link ”. The function New link is primarily thought for parts, which often occur in different directories (this can be accessory parts, but don't have to be necessarily.)

In PARTdataManager -> docking window Links, when selecting Directory, alternative parts or parts/assemblies related in any way to the selected part are automatically listed.