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Manual Buttons

The following buttons are available:

  • New

  • Open

  • Save

  • Enhanced setting options

  • Export hole component on/off

  • Dialog Obsolete standard part/manufacturer part on/off

  • Remove all selections



In the following the single buttons are described:

  • New

    Restores the original state in the Connection section and removes all selections.

  • Open

    The Load bolted connection dialog box is opened.

    Load bolted connection

    Load bolted connection

    In the upper section the following options are available:

    • New bolted connection:

      Via double-click the window is closed and you can create a new connection.

    • Latest bolted connections:

    • Own bolted connections (this user):

      If you have already saved own connections, then these are displayed here (see next point).

    • Predetermined bolted connections (all users):

      If some connections have been already preset, then these are displayed here.

    • Database:

      [Note] Note

      Only when ERP integration is available (see Section, “Create and edit ERP connections ”).

    Select a certain connection.

    -> Afterwards in the lower section a preview image and the respective components are displayed.[103]

    The dialog box contains the following buttons:

    • Open selection: Load any connection from one of the above categories.

    • Choose file:

      With click on a buttons the Load configuration dialog box opens. Browse to the desired file and load it via Open.

    • Cancel: The dialog box is closed.

    • Update view

      In this way you make sure that you get the current view.

      Database entries[104] are not automatically updated. For this purpose use the button.

    • Delete selected entry

      Deletes single connections or directories.

  • Save

    Save connections which are frequently needed. Via button Open (see above) you can load it anytime.

    The Save bolted connection dialog box opens.

    In the upper list field select one of the following options:

    • Own bolted connections (this user)

      Save your own connections here. Then these are later available to you.

    • Predetermined bolted connections (all users)

      Connections saved here are available to all users.

      Shouldn't you have writing permission for this option, then you will receive a respective error message.

    If needed create a hierarchical structure:

    1. Select a directory.

    2. Click on the button Add directory .

      -> A new directory is created on the next deeper level.

    3. Assign a name.

    [Note] Note

    You can also rework directory names, file names and the structure later in the Windows Explorer. Changes are displayed in the dialog boxes at once.

    In order to remove directories or connections proceed as follows:

    1. Select the desired connection or directory.

    2. Click on the icon .

  • Enhanced settings

    Configure extended settings with this menu.

    • Configure startup mode:

      Here you can configure the startup mode of the Connection section.

      The following options are available:

      • Recent bolted connection

        The Connection section opens with the lastly loaded connection.

      • Empty bolted connection

        The Connection section opens with an empty connection. All filters are removed. This corresponds to the state after click on the New button.

      • Bolted connection selection window

        This is the preset option. You can change the selection anytime.

        The Load bolted connection dialog box is opened in the foreground.

        Select a connection from one of the categories or double-click the New bolted connection button in order to start with an empty connection.

      • Bolted connection from file

        Determine a concrete connection which is basically loaded when the dialog box opens. Hereto proceed as follows:

        1. Select the option.

          -> The Choose bolted connection dialog box opens with the respective user directory set in the configuration file.

        2. Select the desired connection file (*.pcon) and click Open.

        Now whenever the dialog box is opened the chosen preferred connection is loaded. If you want to configure another connection, then simply click on New.

    • Configure transparency

      This setting concerns the connection components washer, lock washer and nut.

      • Set transparency with a new part

      • Set transparency with any modification

      • Transparency

    [Note] Note

    Setting changes take effect after PARTdataManager new start.

  • Export hole component on/off

    This option determines if the holes are exported as actual parts.

    [Note] Note

    Whether the appropriate holes (through hole/blind hole) are also created depends on the CAD system (on this see Section 2.5, “CAD specific menu commands and information ”).

  • Dialog Obsolete standard part/manufacturer part on/off

    The same icon is also displayed in the index tree, if there is both an obsolete and a valid standard part/supplier part available. On this compare Section, “ Obsolete standard part/manufacturer part ”.

  • Remove all selections/filters

    Saves the time to separately click on each single filter in the component and value range section.

[103] Connections from PARTsolutions versions < V9 SP2 do not contain a preview image. Connections displayed under Database do not either contain a preview image.

[104] Only concerns the use with ERP integration.