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Manual "Connection" section

"Connection" section

"Connection" section

The Connection section is subdivided in:

  • Buttons

  • List field for the catalog selection

  • List fields for the selection of connection type

  • Display sections or setting sections for the components to be bolted:

    • Part thickness (Bolt and nut side)

    • Counterbore depth (Bolt and nut side)

    • Blind hole thread length

  • Setting fields for the bolting components:

    • Fastener

    • Hole (Bolt and nut side)

    • Washer (Bolt and nut side)

    • Lock washer (Bolt and nut side)

    • Nut (Bolt and nut side)

    Select the desired components with a single-click.

  • Setting fields for the following values:

    • Nominal

    • Pitch

    • Length

    Select the desired values with a single-click.

[Note] Note

You can adjust the section size of the single bolting elements via grip. The grip is visible, when you move the mouse over the border line between two sections.

Adjust section size

Adjust section size

The single points are described in the next chapters in detail.