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Manual  Material information from CAD

Part thickness and Counterbore depth:

In the field Part thickness (B) or Part thickness (N) (see adjoining figure) the respective part thickness of the bolting components is displayed. These thicknesses correspond to the Distance of the chosen Layers, Edges and Points in the CAD system.

Detailed information on this is found under Section 2.6.13, “ Insert Connection ”.

Counterbore depth:

Only at connections which contain counterbores, the respective fields Counterbore depth (S) or (M) are active.

If the connection type Blind hole is selected, in addition the determination of Blind hole thread length is possible.

The input fields for the hole length (Part thickness), Blind hole thread length and Counterbore depth signalize the validity of the inserted value by color code:

  • Green: Value is supported by the current hole or the other selectable holes.

  • Yellow: There is a risk, that the current value is not supported by a valid hole. But this can only be checked when the settings are performed. Another message is: There is a connection available which supports this value, however this can be in another connection type, e.g. for a connection with another base unit.

  • Red: Value is not supported by any hole under no circumstances.

Note: The input of a counterbore depth > hole length is prevented.