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10.4.5.  Text

In this section you can find details on the setting options of Text .

  • General: See Section 10.4.2, “General settings”.

  • Text:

    • Language: This function is not available currently. Apply translations in PARTproject as described. On this see under Section 10.7.2, “Translate Media Variables ”.

    • Font: The font types, available in the system are displayed in the list field.

      [Note] Note

      However, only the ones, available in a WIN XP standard installation are supported.

      If you use these font types you can be sure that they will be embedded in the template (partial embedding).

      If you use a not supported font type, then the display happens via the set fallback font type.[a]

      If special font types, not supported by default, shall be used, then please contact CADENAS.

      [a] $CADENAS_SETUP/datasheet/fonts

    • Standard paragraph format / List formats:

      In the list field of the paragraph formats you can find options like Standard, different bulleted list formats or numbered list formats. Via the little list field to the right you can control the indentation level (starting with 0 = no indent).

    • It is possible to use variables as text:

      • Table variables

      • Project variables such as "$NB.", "$NENN.", "$LINA." for example

      • Media variables: On this see Section 10.6, “Edit Media Variables in the Media editor ”.

        [Note] Note

        The formatting in the Media editor (PARTproject) has priority over the formatting of the text in the PARTtemplateDesigner.

      • Special variables, which can be inserted via context menu. These are marked with "$$" (Example: $$MASS$$).

    • Distance: Not in use for templates.

    • Tabbed page HTML code:

      [Note] Note

      More formatting possibilities are available, when you switch to the tabbed page HTML code. There you can directly access the HTML code.

  • Mass values: