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10.6. Edit Media Variables in the Media editor

  • Media Variables are container for content, which is used again and again.

  • Media Variables define the table structure.

  • Furthermore they are used for special fields (such under Table -> Alternative table header).

  • If translations are required the content has to be provided in Media Variables. Then the translation either happens in the Media editor or in PARTproject (see Section, “Translate Media Variables ”).

  • Media Variables are stored in the .pmt file.

[Note] Note

You can edit Media Variables both in PARTproject and in the Media editor.

Editing in the Media editor is more comfortable. In PARTproject there are enhanced options available. Variables created in the Media editor are related to the Test project, determined in the PARTtemplateDesigner and have to be inherited to all needed directory levels (mostly catalog level) finally. This step has to be performed in PARTproject. Furthermore translations are maintained in PARTproject.

Before you can create Media Variables in PARTtemplateDesigner or Media editor, at least one time a Media variable has to be created in PARTproject. The terms Key and Media variable are used synonymously. So on the tabbed page Documents, create a Key of the type HTMLTEXT, for example.